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Our Services

  • Online Course thru

  • In-Person Sessions offered throughout the year

  • Skills Test (driving test)  for Hoosier Driving Students

  • Private 1:1 Driving with an Instructor

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Our Background

Hoosier Driving is dedicated to training Indiana's prospective drivers to drive safely and well.  We accomplish this through exceptional and innovative classroom and Behind-the-Wheel training.  We also offer an online alternative to our classroom training.  We have partnered with to offer an Internet-based option for the classroom portion of the course.

Our classroom and driving instructors are not only Indiana State Certified but are leaders in the community.  You can count on them to take a personal interest in your student because they've shown their leadership in the communities in which they teach.  They are coaches, teachers, business people and, most important of all, parents. 

In addition to our professional staff, we will also bring to the classroom guest speakers who are either police officers, emergency medical personnel, or other subject-matter experts. 

If you are interested in signing up for classes, please go to our registration page or contact us at

(574) 936-2659 or email

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