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Everything You Need to Know

Our classes are very affordable.  We charge $435 for the regular classes which includes textbook rental, Indiana Driver's Manual, 30 hours of classroom instruction, plus 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction.  We charge $435 for the online version with which includes access to the course plus 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction.  If you are interested in signing up for classes, please click on the link below.

Contact us at (574) 936-2659 or email with any questions!

**Link below for registration and Payment**


 Online- You are eligible to start the day you turn 15. Please complete the registration link above and call the office (574-936-2659) to pay the remaining balance of $435.

 ***If you do not hear from us within 48 hours- Give us a call***

Summer Session 1 : Monday-Friday 9am-Noon starting on June 19  and ending on June 30th.

Summer Session 2: Monday-Friday 9am-Noon starting on July 17 and ending on July 28th. 
***July 20th (Class will be 8am-11am)***

**Please be aware that these dates are subject to change. We will notify you if we push back any of the dates or times.**

**Links for Registration and Payment are above**

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